Export Data

Customize Exported File Columns

This customization shows how to write your own custom code for the Export button in the show table page to limit the number of columns that needs to be exported or to format the data in a certain format, other than the default format exported by Iron Speed Designer.
Export Button
Select the export button
Select a database table associated with the Export button
Primary Key
Select primary key in the table
Export Field
Select a field to export to the .csv file
Applies to
P_Export Button class
''' Override the ${Export Button}_Click and customize the 
''' export button functionality
''' Also if the export button is Image button then, second parameter type is ImageClickEventArgs.
''' If the button is of "Button" type then modify the parameter type to EventArgs.
Public Overrides Sub ${Export Button}_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As ImageClickEventArgs)
        Dim whereStr As WhereClause = Me.CreateWhereClause()
        'Create the order by object.
        Dim ob As BaseClasses.Data.OrderBy = Nothing

        ' Set page index and size
        Dim pageIndex As Integer = 0
        Dim pageSize As Integer = 1000

        ' Get the instance of Data Access class. 
        Dim recList() As ${${Table}RecordClassName} = ${${Table}ClassName}.GetRecords(whereStr, ob, pageIndex, pageSize)
        Dim exportedData As String = ""
        exportedData = Me.ExportFunction(recList)        
        ' Export the data.
        Me.Page.AttachFile("MyFile.csv", exportedData)
    Catch ex As Exception
        ' Report error message to the user
        Utils.MiscUtils.RegisterJScriptAlert(Me, "UNIQUE_SCRIPTKEY", ex.Message)
    End Try
End Sub

''' This method limits the number of columns that get exported.
Public Function ExportFunction(ByRef recList() As ${${Table}RecordClassName}) As String

    ' Add column names to the export data.
    Dim exportLine As String = ${${Table}ClassName}.${Primary Key}.InternalName & ","
    exportLine &= ${${Table}ClassName}.${Export Field}.InternalName & ","

    ' Finally, add the line break after adding the last column heading.
    Dim exportedData As String = exportLine & vbCrLf
    ' Get column values from each record in table.
    Dim rec As ${${Table}RecordClassName}
    For Each rec In recList
        exportLine = ""
        exportLine &= rec.${Primary Key} & ","
        exportLine &= rec.${Export Field} & ","

        ' Add the line break after each record.
        exportedData &= exportLine & vbCrLf
    Return exportedData
End Function

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