Jim Murphy
River City Software Development LLC
Austin, TX US
Phone: (512) 295-5934
Email: [email protected]

MVP since October 1, 2006

Service Area

Jim is willing to travel to your place of business or wherever his services are needed.

Service Offerings

Jim is a full-time private consultant and the owner of River City Software Development LLC. He is an expert in the Software Development Life Cycle using Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/D) methods. Jim has more than 16 years of experience in the development of database-driven applications of all sizes for industries such as Health Care, Insurance, Banking/Lending, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Government. He is highly versatile, having worked on large multi-million dollar enterprise systems with Database Clusters and Web Farms to small weekend ‘get-me-out-of-trouble’ projects.

Jim has built a strong reputation for rapid development without sacrifice. He is committed to quality and is a firm believer in thorough testing. Although Jim is highly technical, he has the ability speak "business" to business people, and "geek-speak" to technical staff, often playing the role of translator to facilitate effective communication between the two.

Jim is available to help you in the following areas:

Business Analysis / Requirements Gathering

Application Development

Database Design

Technical UML Documentation

Training and Mentoring



Fundamentals of Iron Speed Designer
This course takes application generation to the next level! Explore beginning and intermediate topics in this four hour, online course taught by Iron Speed MVPs. (Customers only)


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Jim Murphy is owner, chief application designer, and developer for River City Software Development LLC. Jim has been programming professionally for more than 16 years in fields that include Health Care, Insurance, Banking/Lending, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Government.

Jim was an early adopter of Iron Speed Designer and worked closely with Iron Speed engineers while the product was maturing. Jim’s major strengths are in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, C#, Visual Basic .NET, XML, and Reporting.

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